More and more farmers are using cutting-edge innovations to help them in their work. Among these new technologies, the UAV plays a key role in analysing and compiling information on plots of land.

  • Drones contribute to data collection for crop improvement
  • This collection could reduce workload and costs by at least 10%

Innovations for tomorrow's agriculture


More and more farmers are using advanced technologies to assist them in their work. In fact, the farming community has always been keen, at least for its larger farmers, on innovations and technologies that facilitate demanding work.

It is worth remembering that today, nearly 80% of farmers use the Internet, which is more than the French average of 74%. In addition, a new wave has been developing in recent years, based in particular on the technology of connected objects and big data to bring about a silent revolution: the agritech revolution.

DRONE VISION PRO AGRI proposes to assist farmers in the economic management of their plots, using in particular an aggregate of data, which are then analysed by algorithms and provide valuable indications on the harvest or the sale of the harvest.

Champ de vignes
Drone d'intervention viticulture
Champ vignes

An innovation on the ground and in the air


Previously developed by the army and then used for leisure, these unmanned aircraft have been put to a new use in recent years: by flying over the fields, they make it possible to determine the health and needs of the plants present on the plot of land.

Once in the air, the UAV operates like a real flying laboratory: it carries cameras and sensors and can estimate biomass, water stress or even simply image the plot of land. Thanks to infrared cameras, it can also detect the level of nitrogen or chlorophyll in the plants.

This is essential information for the farmer, who until now has had to collect this information manually. This enables him to map the water, nitrogen or fertilizer requirements of his plants and process them accordingly.