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What is the cost of a trichogramma drone treatment?


A drone can cover 20 to 40 hectares per hour, for a treatment cost of 77 to 82 €/ha, which includes spreading (17 €/ha) and 450,000 Biotop trichogramma eggs (60 to 65 €/ha).

Mink Drone Pro-AG and the application of Trichogramma

The spreading of Trichograms by drone is part of the agricultural applications of the company Drone Vision Pro-AG.

To meet the needs of its customers (cooperatives, traders), Drone Vision Pro-AG has created a network of UAV remote pilots ready to operate throughout France.

"The beads each containing 1800 trichograms are light (1 g per unit), therefore easily transportable by the UAV.

Under optimal plot conditions, it is possible to process up to 100 to 160 hectares per day. »

"It is necessary to be able to carry out the application within specific time constraints and climatic windows. It is essential that the release of Trichogramma coincides with the presence of codling moth eggs in order for the intervention to be effective."

Good preparation beforehand is essential.

"We locate the plots and set up a strip flying programme for each of them, with its new three-row spreading system, the strips are spaced 30m apart."

In case of proximity to an airport or a nuclear power plant, authorisations are required.

The use of the UAV currently costs 17 to 20 euros per hectare, depending on the concentration of interventions and the size of the plots.


Coming from the sky, from trichograms to the attack of the moth

Against the European Corn Borer, nature has a weapon that man knows how to exploit: Triclograms, parasitic hymenopteran insects, are used as biocontrol agents for their ability to nip the future corn borer caterpillar in the bud.

There are three options available to the farmer: 

Manual application
Aerial application by helicopter

and now:

Drone spraying!

Today, UAV technology makes it possible to spread products such as bio-controls on agricultural plots. UAVs accurately spread beads containing auxiliary insects (Trichograms) to significantly reduce borer damage on maize. Improving the yield and sanitary quality of maize harvests is the spearhead of our shareholder cooperatives.
Spreading is secure, geo-localized and the innovative extraction module (Trichospray) allows to cover several tens of hectares per hour (autonomy).