Control your DJI Phantom RTK to increase your efficiency

The DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone is a great tool that integrates a very precise RTK module capable of providing positioning data to the nearest centimetre in real time.

This drone offers a precise and reliable solution for all your mapping/ photogrammetry work. However, it deserves to be totally controlled in order to be exploited to the maximum. 

It offers the possibility to connect its positioning system to a D-RTK 2 mobile station, to transport RTCM data in network via the Internet Protocol (NTRIP) using a 4G key or a WiFi access point, or to store the satellite observation data to be used for post-processed kinematics (PPK).

Our formation Phantom 4 RTK


Application DJI GS RTK

      • Explanation of all the features of the flight application
      • Study of the various proposed flight plans
      • Creation of flight plan for photogrammetry and 3D modeling
      • Setting up flight plans
      • Insertion of kml and dsm for topography monitoring

Connection RTK and D-RTK2

                      • Pairing the D-RTK2 drone and GPS
                      • Pair RC and GPS D-RTK2 to lift targets to the ground
                      • RTK Module Configuration and NTRIP Connection
                      • Analysis of connection problems encountered in the field

Implementation in the field

      • Automated Flight Operations - 2D - 3D - Waypoint Flight - Linear Flight - Terrain Awareness
      • Study of the conditions necessary for the proper performance of the mission multiple battery management
      • Manual flight for modelling
      • D-RTK2 GPS Ground Target Survey (Walk with handheld RTK)
      • Export of the points book

Duration and Rate

                              • One day of training
                              • Price: 400 euros excluding VAT
                              • Cottages nearby for accommodation


Our training courses are held at the Instadrone headquarters in SERVIAN (34) or can be performed in-situ


No more than 3 trainees per session


At the end of the training, the trainees are completely autonomous and 100% effective on their missions.

DJI Phantom 4 RTK