In order to enable our clients to assess the condition of their structures in the field, we carry out structural inspections (pylons, buildings, water towers, dams...) in close collaboration with the maintenance and logistics departments in order to provide a detailed report.

Our working methods and technical means offer productivity gains and savings by avoiding the deployment of heavy infrastructure (gondolas, scaffolding...). The georeferencing of surveys allows recurring inspections and thus to include your structures in a regular monitoring or preventive maintenance program.

The operations carried out by UAV are safe for all interventions in dangerous areas or complex access for man.

Our UAVs allow us to carry out inspections as close as possible while respecting safety distances.

Our research and development department is currently testing an Ultra HD inspection solution with the Sony A7R IV camera (61 million pixels) on our DJI Matrix 600. We will then be able to deliver sub-centimetric results.

Technical Equipement

The DJI M300 RTK drones are ideal for structural inspection and in particular for telecommunication towers. Coupled with the H20T camera, quality and security via sensors are its strengths.

Our DJI M600s are now equipped with the 61 million pixel SONY Alpha 7RIV for even more quality. They allow a maximum level of detail to better inspect even the most complex locations.

The Instadrone network has the brand new DJI M300 RTK UAV range.