The visual inspection of wind turbine rotor blades makes it possible to detect minor damage that may disrupt the operating conditions of these infrastructures, and to intervene quickly to repair such damage.

Every centimetre of the blade surface is inspected and examined in detail. The slightest damage is located and reported in an inspection file.

Our strengths:

  • Very high resolution images of the order of a millimeter
    Digital reconstruction of the blade surface for automatic defect detection
    Capitalization of information over time, allowing to follow the evolution of disorders during operation
    Speed of inspection
    Shortened capitalization of infrastructure
    Diagnostic quality (delivery of a paper or digital inspection report)

Why choose the Drone for inspection:

To reduce costs:

  • Inspect your infrastructures according to their strict needs
  • Limit the duration of inspection and downtime

Improving security :

  • Avoid hiring crews that have to work at heights...
  • Have remote inspections of hazardous infrastructure carried out

Save time:

  • No need to put up scaffolding, ropes or cranes...
  • Take advantage of the instant video streaming on the ground to access immediate results for quick decision making.

Our DJI M600s are now equipped with the 61 million pixel SONY Alpha 7RIV for even more quality. They allow a maximum level of detail to better inspect even the most complex locations.