Control your drones to increase your productivity

UgCS supports the majority of UAVs for the creation of routes from KML data provided by the customer.
Save time and before leaving the site, validate the acquired data by stitching the images with the off-line processing software UgCS Mapper.

Our assets :

  • Increase the productivity of data entry thanks to the integrated automatic photogrammetry planning tool
  • Plan and pilot missions without an Internet connection, even in a desert area, with offline map caching capability
  • Making long journeys, resuming flights from a certain destination point after changing the battery

Improving security :

  • Use pre-installed DEM data or import more accurate DEM data to increase the accuracy and safety of field tracking missions
  • Adjust the allowable range and no-fly zones for flying in accordance with regulatory requirements

An efficient solution:

  • Automated UAV mission planning
  • Integrated photogrammetry and geolocation tools
  • Card personalization according to DEM and HFCK
  • Battery change option


Map Customization | Offline


Route creation by KML data

KML files containing the survey area boundaries can be imported into UgCS to define the precise location of the survey. The "LineString" segments of the KML file will be imported as a simple waypoint route. The "LinearRing" segment can be imported as an "Area scan", "Photogrammetry" or "Perimeter" type route.


Planning surveys with field monitoring

UgCS allows mission planning in terrain-following mode - allowing a vehicle flying at very low altitude to automatically maintain a relatively constant altitude above the ground. The accuracy of the UgCS default SRTM database varies, so to enable accurate and safe flight at a given altitude, accurate data must be imported from the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the survey area.


Import DEM for safer mission planning

The terrain is always changing, but changes are not always implemented into 3D maps as fast as it is needed. To plan an automated low altitude or mission with terrain following for the purposes of mapping, surveying or monitoring, import Digital Elevation Model (DEM) into UgCS to plan safe missions.


Georeferenced image import as Map overlays

To fly automated drone missions precise maps are more important than ever. Import GeoTIFF images as map overlay into UgCS, providing the power to customize the maps to suit your needs.

Mission planner | Drone control

Immersive 3D mission planning environment

Aerial survey planning tools

Facade scan tool

Elevation profile

Telemetry window

Automatic flight mode (waypoints) and direct drone control

Software emulator



UgCS has an in-build geotagging tool, allowing to sync the timestamps of the images with the autopilot's telemetry data recorded during the flight. After matching the geotags with coordinates and correct altitudes, the images can be used for the further processing.

Telemetry player

All telemetry data of the flights is recorded in UgCS, enabling to replay the flights of the drone during the flight

No-fly zones

The UgCS has integrated no-fly zones (NFZs) for all major airports, allowing for safe flight planning in the vicinity of airports since the flight path will be automatically calculated around the NFZ. You can create your own zones and set limits.

Examples of uses of the software