Infrared aerial thermography detects energy losses from buildings and measures temperature differences in the heating points that can affect the operation of an installation.

The UAV enables precise information to be collected in complete safety, in inaccessible places and over large areas, in record time.

Our interventions contribute to improving the energy performance and safety of installations and buildings.

Depending on your objective, we adapt our deliverables to help you make the right decisions.

You are a photovoltaic system operator, solar panel manufacturer or maintenance company. Your objective is to optimize the energy performance of your plant.

We offer you to carry out a thermal diagnosis to anticipate your maintenance, monitor the evolution of the modules and identify recurring disorders on manufacturing series.

Our infra-red cameras: the members of the Instadrone network have decided to equip themselves with the most efficient equipment on the market with the DJI XT2 camera (FLIR 30Hz) in order to overcome technical limitations. This allows our remote pilots to concentrate on the flight plans and to restitute the acquired data as faithfully as possible. 

Technical Equipment