Within the framework of a building site, project managers and project owners have every interest in taking advantage of aerial audio-visual and technical shots. With the help of the products delivered, the former will be able to take a step back from the work carried out, visualize the areas to be developed and monitor the progress of the work thanks to high-resolution orthophotos. As for the latter, they will make an inventory of the site to reassure themselves that they can propose a delivery date for the work.

For both of them, our intervention allows a complete visualization of the site. Fast and secure, this method is all the more recommended when it concerns large areas or parcels of land that are difficult to access.

The Instadrone Network agencies have state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with renderings that meet your expectations.

The strength of our offer is the complete control of the service...

We carry out the recordings in France and abroad thanks to the network of Instadrone agencies. The specifications are drawn up jointly with our clients in order to obtain an optimal result. The choice of equipment and acquisition solutions is validated according to the needs of our customers.

... from capture to processing to delivery to our customers.

Photogrammetry, modeling, HD photography, timelapse, we master all the services. Accompanied by our surveyors, we are able to provide deliverables with sub-centimetric precision. 

At the end of our mission, we will deliver you a quality rendering, whether it be geo-referenced HD photographs, orthophotographs or professional video montages.

In order to provide you with the best services, we will be able to define with you a schedule of our interventions. By practicing our surveys on different occasions, we can reproduce the results identically and superimpose them very easily.