The ROView, the first wireless land-based drone on the market designed for ITV, with full HD video feedback (1080P). A unique solution, since it is able to roll but also to navigate the waters when necessary.

Its small size, allows it to evolve in a section from 450mm in diameter.

Powerful lighting, 4K camera, possibility of embedding different sensors will allow you to carry out inspections of underground networks type collectors, pipes and pipes safely.

It is no longer necessary to send personnel to the collectors today, and thus eliminate any risk of accidents at work. Roview is a time saver for an ITV inspection, and therefore a significant financial gain, all without the need for specific piloting skills or training.

4K camera and video feedback

The 4K camera is mounted on unlimited 360° turret and 180° tilt, To observe every nook and cranny of your inspection environment.

A full HD video feedback will allow the teleoperator to check live the points of interest of a structure. It is possible to connect additional screens so that inspectors and pilots can work together without hesitation. All wireless and without latency!

Encoders and measuring pattern

The ROView is equipped with encoders on its wheels allowing it to know its exact distance at its entry point. This measurement has a measurement error of less than 0.3%.

Once a point of interest is reached, a measuring pattern is used to characterize the extent of the defects. The pattern can be activated at will to keep the defect measurements and navigation intuitive.


The range extender allows the pilot to move the transmit/receive point. In case your radio/video link is blocked by an inaccessible structure for example, or drive your rover from the sidewalk while the collector is 10 meters lower.


Thanks to photogrammetry, it is possible to locate defects in space without having to sort hundreds or thousands of photos. Sometimes using a map to locate items from photos can be quite difficult. Locating, quantifying, measuring defects becomes possible thanks to photogrammetry.

It is also possible to estimate the volume and size of an underground gallery, room or other interior cavity. Know the shape, elevation of a pipe from the inside…

Our technical solution combined with photogrammetry allows us to measure the distance of a defect. This can be very important in pipelines, especially when planning in-depth work.

A unique overview, allowing you to make the right decision based on your expertise:

For the customer, intervention with the ROView saves time, reduces human risk and saves money. The 3D model provides a unique overview, allowing to make the right decision from the technical expertise.


Comparison of the results