At the request of our customers, we have designed a simple, efficient and robust aquatic sampling solution, capable of taking samples at sea despite the waves, as well as on all types of bodies of water up to 500 metres from the shore.

The peristaltic pump allows to sample 500 ml in less than 15 seconds. Our UAV is designed to be easily operated by personnel and requires no special training. It is very easy to pilot and its two powerful engines allow a fast and efficient return to the bank.

This UAV is particularly adapted to communities that need to take samples from their bathing sites.

Our solution is certainly the most affordable on the market.

Our drone is delivered with :

  • Its radio control and its rain cover
  • Two large capacity batteries and a protective bag
  • A LiPo charger
  • A transport bag
  • After-sales service and initiation included
  • Delivered in the colors of your territory or your company.

Ask for a quote on contact@instadrone.fr